Jumping into a Mobile World

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iBeacon White Paper on Industry Case Studies

Long before everyday consumers interact with technology for the first time, bold, innovative companies often take a risk by investing resources in the future. The first websites, first Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and first mobile apps were seen as risks from the community, but those who spent the time to learn and grow with the times have reaped the benefits.

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Announcing the Fosbury Beacon Beta

Last January Fosbury released iBeacon support for Passbook and received more interest than ever before. Following that interest we held webinars, published industry analysis, and released a comprehensive white paper, but we heard one question over and over again: How do I get more out of the iBeacon technology?


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iBeacons take over your home for AC control

While most people think of iBeacons as retail's answer to a mobile world, we always love to also see innovative uses outside the world of shopping. Tado Cooling is a german startup who has built technology to interface with all of your existing air-conditioning units using iBeacons. As a competitor to Nest, one of Tado's main value propositions is that as you move from room to room, it uses iBeacon sensors to cost efficiently cool your house.


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Mapping the iBeacon world - Wikibeacon.org

Radius Networks has released an open graph of iBeacons called Wikibeacon.org. The site describes itself as "a community resource providing crowd-sourced information about proximity beacon usage." However, the data set is limited to iBeacons identified by the Radius Networks' Locate App, which is available on Android and Apple.


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Beacon for beer at barcrawls, believe it or not.

We've seen beacons used at events to share videos, content, and directions. We've also seen it used by retailers to send out promotions or schedules. However, we love to see innovation that uses beacons for social purposes, bringing together tech and bars for a crawl around Lower Manhattan.


Sponsored by our friends at KarmaMobile Marketer, Uber and many others, you can find details for the technology barcrawl here: http://beaconcrawl.com/ or contact them at 212-480-2100 / info@beaconcrawl.com

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Are customers ready for iBeacon messaging? 45% say ...

According to a study done by eDigitalResearch, 45% of smartphone owners would be ‘very willing’ or ‘somewhat willing’ for retailers to send messages to their smartphone. Even more powerfully, "78% of those that would be happy to receive messages would be ‘extremely willing’ or ‘somewhat willing’ for retailers to use this data if it meant more personalised messages for them."

To do so, apps today are using GPS and iBeacons to send messages at events, retail shopping experiences, and a range of other applications. Fosbury believes this is a clear indication of increased awareness and acceptance for engaging mobile shopping experiences. Major players began implementing mobile notifications and Apple passbook for years now, with Target releasing mobile coupons back in September 2012 but public awareness was low. Now with iOS6 & iOS7 adoption at 98% (which both include Passbook preinstalled)  accessibility and awareness are at an all time high.

There is major room for growth in the difference between consumers survey results and actual application, but it is clear that the mobile industry is rapidly becoming more commonplace.

Want to learn more?

Are you looking to use mobile to grow a business or resell the hottest technology on the market? Our collection of research and case studies is available to you as a PDF or iBook today.


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Twitter amplifies its ad reach

In September, Twitter bought mobile ad exchange network MoPub for around $300 million dollars. This move was clear indication that Twitter was focused on mobile revenue growth, with 75% of it's business already coming from mobile.

Today, an article in Advertising Age announced that advertisers on Twitter will be able to purchase ad space through MoPub in a private beta. MoPub's portfolio includes thousands of apps from Wordpress, to Open Table, and messaging app Tango. The ads will be placed as banners, interstitials, video and sometimes in native formats.


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Fosbury supports Windows! Microsoft's major news about Apple Passbook:

As just reported by Techcrunch here: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/14/microsofts-windows-phone-8-1-update-supports-apple-passbook-passes/ by Darrell Etherington @drizzled, the Windows Phone 8.1 comes with embedded support for Apple’s Passbook passes. This means that, "Passbook files (.pkpass) and can turn them into cards that work with Micosoft Wallet, rendering them with the same data for Windows Phone users."



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You won't believe it- The internet barely makes more ad money than newspapers.

I recently was blown away by a statistic in Advertising Age: newspapers still make 17% of total global ad spend. The article said that for the first time in 2013, the internet surpassed newspaper ad spend, which says more to me about the strength of newspapers than the obvious growth of the internet. "The internet in 2013 captured 20.6% of 2013 global ad spending (21.7% in the U.S.). In 2016, ZenithOptimedia expects the internet to account for 26.6% of global spending (30.7% in the U.S.)."


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Coachella adds iBeacon technology to official 2014 app

If you’re attending Coachella either of the next two weekends, be sure to download the Coachella 2014 App which will feature iBeacon technology. As you make your way around the festival grounds, the latest version of the app will provide onsite notifications for different events and information. In 2014, Coachella is headlining Outkast, Muse, Arcade Fire, and looks to match the 90,000 people it drew last year. This highly visible use of iBeacons demonstrates a continued adoption of major players to bring contextualized information to large groups.


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